Chylene Wilson, CD(DONA)
Certified Breastfeeding Counselor 
(480) 776-9925
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Hi, I'm Chylene Wilson, certified birth doula. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You have taken a very positive step in seeking out a doula to help you achieve the birth experience you will feel great about! My personal goal is to compassionately care for you and be your companion in this wonderful journey. The birth of your baby is such a special time in life. I believe the life of your child is a precious reminder of God's love for you. See what Psalm 127:3 says about your sweet baby."Children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward."

I believe women are specially designed to bring forth life naturally and that birth may be achieved with joy and satisfaction. And doula care is what makes a positive difference! See how clinical studies have proven this.

But you may be thinking a doula is sort of trendy and why do I need one? Haven't ladies been doing just fine with OB doctors, midwives and nurses for a long time now? Well, actually the practice of women helping women give birth has been around for centuries and is a tradition found all over the world. The word "doula" comes from the Greek and means "a woman's servant". Sounds good already, doesn't it? The art of being a doula is the art of a woman "mothering the mother". Think about when you're in a difficult place and going through something painful, perhaps a bit scary or uncertain, it just feels good to have someone caring for you, just like Mom. Or you may feel completely certain and confident about your birth, and it just feels good to have someone cheering for you, just like Mom. And mothers who are nurtured in this way during labor in turn are better mothers to their babies.

So why do you need a doula? Because a professionally-trained and certified doula provides you with verbal encouragement, focused reassurance, advocacy of your birth plan and all those feel-good strategies for physical comfort to help you relax, embrace the process of birth, and come to the goal of labor, your baby safely in your arms. This is your personal experience, and you will want to have control of your birth choices. A doula helps you accomplish your desires. This is the continual care I provide for my clients from labor start to labor finish.

Dads...a doula does not replace your vital part in the nurturing care of your partner.  In fact, dads and doulas make a terrific birth team!  During the labor I guide dad in techniques that help mom stay calm and relaxed, keeping him focused on her needs. With a doula on your team, the pressure of having to know exactly what to do is relieved. You both feel more comfortable and freer to bond together in your love. Your doula  provides an extra set of helping hands to aid the process.  For more info, check out this great article about Dads and Doulas. Dads, do the right thing...hire a doula for yourself AND your partner.  You'll be glad you did. clients have told me again and again, "We couldn't have done this without you!" And these statements have come from couples who have labored at home, in a birthing center, and in the hospital with or without an epidural. You see, regardless of how babies arrive, (and you know they don't tell us how they intend to be born!), a woman tends to feel personally self-empowered and more satisfied about her birth experience when she has a doula continually caring for her through each contraction. That holds true even when modifications to the birth plan are necessary.  Because as your doula, I help you gain knowledge about birth choices so you can make your own decisions.  So whether you are determined to have a natural birth or are considering an epidural, I'm confident I can help you achieve a better birth experience.  Your baby's life is nothing short of a miracle.  I am always humbled to be invited to the birthday party.